Terms of warranty, return and exchange of goods in the online store Thunder.lv

A warranty card is an invoice issued in electronic form with data on the payment of goods. The invoice indicates the date of receipt of the goods, from which the warranty period begins. The invoice may also indicate the warranty period, which the buyer can familiarize himself with before making the purchase. The warranty coupon is only valid if it correctly and accurately states the product name, product code, and date of sale.
It is also important to know that the guarantee cannot be claimed – it is a voluntary promise of the seller or service provider, therefore the same product may have different guarantee conditions in different stores.
Warranty repairs are free during the warranty period.
The product is delivered as a ready-made kit, which requires connection and installation in a professional service. The kit includes instructions for connecting the electronic part to the car on the BMW X5/X6 as an example. We do not provide instructions for each specific car, as the location of the wires with power supply and CAN-bus is very individual for each model. Information about the necessary wires and their location is available in various diagnostic programs, including dealer or their analogues.
Also, we do not provide instructions for installing sound generators on the car body. Examples and recommendations are available on our website https://thunder.lv/lv/uzstadisana/. Installation for a specific car must be done in a professional service with an individual approach to each specific car.

  1. If you change your mind and decide to refuse the ordered goods, the Law of the Republic of Latvia “On the Protection of Consumer Rights” and Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. №207 the right to cancel the contract within 14 calendar days and return the goods purchased in the online store to the seller. Also, Article 12, Part 6 of the Law “On the Protection of Consumer Rights” states that the consumer is responsible for the safety and quality of the product during the period of the right to return the product. We recommend keeping the product’s original packaging so that when using the right of return, the product is not damaged during transportation. Armikus SIA reserves the right to refuse to return the goods to the buyer or to withhold a compensation fee if the goods are damaged, incomplete or have lost their original condition. To arrange the return of the goods, please contact us by e-mail armikus@gmail.com or by phone +371 26544000. The return takes place at the Omniva Rīgas Kleistu Street Mego parcel box, and can be sent by courier to the address Kurzemes prospekts 98.
  2. If the product is found to be defective, Armikus SIA offers a replacement or refund within 72 hours.
  3. The returned product must have all the parts that make up the product, as well as additional accessories, if they were in the package. You are responsible for all components of the product. If an item does not have all the components, it cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  4. The product must be returned in the packaging in which it was delivered. The packaging must be intact, clean and meet the requirements for returning goods to Armikus SIA.
  5. You have the right to refuse the purchase by giving an official written notification to armikus@gmail.com within 14 working days from the date of purchase. You will receive a return confirmation message to your e-mail address or by phone. If you have not received a confirmation, you can contact us by phone +371 26544000. When canceling the purchase-sale agreement, you must agree with the seller on the method of return by phone or e-mail within 14 working days mail (all questions about the goods and their transportation to the place specified by the seller). Upon cancellation of the contract, the money paid for the product will be returned within 5 (five) working days from the day of confirmation of the return. Shipping costs to the buyer and further, returns to the seller are not refunded, as we do not handle the shipping, but Omniva has done its job.
  6. You do not have the right to withdraw from the sales contract if:
    6.1 You damage the product, change the technical parameters or appearance.
    If it was found that the sound generators were installed in a horizontal plane with the side of the body where the sound output is in the upper part and dirt and moisture accumulated inside, and over time the sound output is covered with a layer of dirt.
    Welding was used to install the sound generators and traces of other metal can be seen on the body.
    The electronic control units of the active exhaust system are damaged as a result of an unqualified connection.
    A short circuit occurred due to an unqualified connection.
    The electronic control units of the active exhaust system have been damaged as a result of moisture ingress.
    A supply voltage greater than 14 volts was used.
    6.2 If the item is clearly identified as used.
    6.3 If an official refusal is not submitted within 14 days.
    6.4 If the price of the purchased goods or services depends on fluctuations in the financial sphere, which the Seller is unable to control.
    6.5. In other cases established by law.