Thunder exhaust system installation

Thunder active electronic exhaust system is supplied as a universal kit. Installation and adaptation for a specific vehicle must be carried out in a qualified car service.

We do not offer installing of system.

Thunder electronic exhaust system 1 1

Thunder active electronic exhaust system connector

Sound generators can be installed both outside – they are water-resistant, and from the passenger compartment with sound tubes outward. The interpretation of the installation of sound generators can be different, depending on the individual parameters of the vehicle and the availability of free space.

It is possible to manufacture individual mounts for sound generators using welding, but at the same time without damaging the internal electronics, or on clamps.

Sound generators should be installed as close as possible to the rear of the machine, towards the main exhaust outlet, with the bells in the same direction as the tailpipes.

Since the sound of the sound generators is low-frequency (bass), it is extremely difficult from the outside to identify their exact location. Therefore, generators can be installed at some distance from the ends of the exhaust system.