The system is controlled from a mobile phone through a free application – dbplus, both for Apple and Android devices.

After downloading the application to your phone and wirelessly connecting to the active exhaust system via Bluetooth, you need to click the “i” icon in the upper right corner of the program, where you can select the brand, model and year of manufacture of your car, click the Download button below, after which individual parameters will be downloaded for optimization of the system in the electronic control unit. If the server is busy, download the parameters again later.

The program will have 8 completely different exhaust sounds for atmospheric gasoline engines of cars:

Porsche cayenne

Audi R8 Audi RS3

Mercedes-Benz G53

Mercedes-Benz C63


Ferrari 488

Nissan gt-r

In turn, each of these 8 sounds can be supplemented with individual settings. For example, a parameter with a red slider makes it possible to adjust the “throwing” of revolutions when starting the car. In the lower position, the revolutions at start will remain at the level of idle or raised settings, they, like when starting a sports car, first fly up and then return to the idle zone. The parameters of the idle sound are also regulated – high or low revs. Button “B” mutes the exhaust sound down to full zero. All settings can be saved as 4 individual configurations. The car starts up with the parameters that were in use when the engine was turned off. To start without sound, you need to create the appropriate configuration and activate it.