An example of installing an electronic exhaust system on a restyled BMW X5 E70 with a 3.0 diesel engine.

The rear bumper was removed for installation. The sound generators were installed in niches behind the bumper on the left and right. The connection to the CAN bus was made on the right in the trunk near the fuse box. In the same place, 12 Volt power was taken from the cigarette lighter socket in the trunk. Electronic control units for active exhaust are also installed on the right in the luggage compartment niche under the fuse box. The wiring to the sound generators was routed through an unoccupied ready-made technological hole in the body, still in the same place, on the right in the trunk.

In addition, at the request of the owner of the car, its rear part was redesigned for the appearance of the top-end E70 petrol models with a 4.8 engine.

The round exhaust tips, typical for diesel versions, have been replaced with oval, beveled – diamond-shaped. The owner did not want to install cheap Chinese oval nozzles, as they are very different from the original ones, and besides, due to their low quality chrome plating, they peel off after the first winter.

The original retrofit kit was ordered and installed, consisting of two exhaust pipes and plastic bumper liners with numbers 18302185392 and 51122167733. Old nozzles with part of the exhaust pipes were cut according to the factory instructions, and the new ones were installed on clamps.

In the bumper, larger cutouts were made according to the factory marks on the back. The bumper covers in the original retrofit kit are supplied primed and unpainted. They were painted in body color and then glued with a special sealant to the places around the exhaust pipes.

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